The most beautiful French vineyards by bike

Today we would like to introduce you to the 5 most beautiful French vineyards to discover by bike. As one of the important parts of French culture, discovering the wine culture during your bike trip should be an unforgettable experience. 


alsace bike vineyards
Alsace vineyards

The first destination is Alsace. Located at the northeast of the country, the region is famous for its special cultural atmosphere influenced by France and Germany. 

Alsace vineyard is between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine plain and stretches across the entire region. The history of this vineyard could be dated from ancient times and until today, it is considered as one of the pillars of the region’s economy. The region’s special product is “Alsace Grand Cru”, a type of white or red wine.

Due to the location of the vineyard, the Alsace wine route is the best way to discover the region’s wine culture by bike. This wine route is one of the oldest wine routes in France and goes through the region from north to south with a distance of 170 km. The road is quite easy to pedal and along it you can find 67 wine-producing towns (119 in total), more than 800 wine estates and 48 of the 51 grands crus. Besides this, the villages along the road also organize festivals where you can have a chance to discover the secrets of Alsace wine culture. Our cycling trips from Strasbourg to Colmar are the perfect way to discover Alsace vineyards! 

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Burgundy  bike vineyards
Burgundy vineyards

The second destination is Burgundy. Located in the center-east of the country, the region is famous for its gourmet and wine culture.

Different from Alsace, the Burgundy vineyard is constituted by many parts from the nearby region. Stretching from the north of Chablis to the south of Mâconnais with a distance of 250 km and a surface of 29 500 hectares. White wine is mainly produced in the vineyard. « The Climats, terroirs of Burgundy » were listed as UNESCO heritage in 2015. The “Climats” are precisely demarcated parcels of vines on the slopes of the Côte-de-Nuits and Beaune. They differ from each other due to their specific natural conditions (geology, exposure, grape variety…) which have been shaped by human labor and gradually identified in relation to the wine they produce.

You can cycle on the Wine Route through the Côtes de Nuits and Côte de Beaune vineyards. Cross some renowned villages : Cluny, Meursault or Nuits-Saint-Georges. Burgundy has many cycle paths. You can explore the area at your own pace and make some stops at one of the many wine estates to enjoy a wine tasting.

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Médoc vineyards
Médoc vineyards

High place of wine tourism, the Médoc vineyard is very renowned for its prestigious appellations : Margaux, Pauillac, Saint-Estèphe… The vineyard belongs to the vineyard of Bordeaux which produces exclusively the red wine. You can find there many crus with an acceptable quality-price ratio.

The vineyard is planted on a strip of land between the Jalle de Blanquefort (north of the Bordeaux conurbation) and the Pointe de Grave, from the Gironde estuary to the Landes forest. A wine route goes through the most prestigious vineyard parts. The relief of the vineyard is rather flat which is ideal for cycling. In addition to this, the Médoc is punctuated by sumptuous Châteaux. Even though the vineyard is quite old, most of the Châteaux date from the 19th century. In many cases, a manor house was built during the 18th century. Then, in the 19th century, with the growing wealth of the owners, a tower cone pointed rooftop or even an entire wing was added making it a brand new château. Cycling through the vineyard is therefore the best way to admire these beautiful places.

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Rhône Valley

Rhône Valley bike vineyards
Rhône Valley vineyards © A. Hocquel/Vaucluse Provence

The fourth one is the Rhône Valley vineyard. It covers about 1317 towns from Vienne to Avignon on both banks of the Rhône river. As one of the most important French AOC wine production regions, the Rhône Valley vineyard produces mostly red wine.

Second French vineyard, it produces some of the most prestigious appellations in the world : Hermitage, Côte-Rôtie, Beaumes-de-Venise… The diversity of the terroirs is explained by the complex soils and the variations of the Mediterranean climate. Therefore, it gives the wine of the Rhône Valley their marked character. Wine tourism is highly developed in the region. It offers not only local wine tastings but also presentation of the vine trade, production technique and the opportunity to exchange with the owners. Moreover, the valley also reveals a rich architectural heritage : Lyon, Vienne, Orange, Avignon, Nîmes… Thanks to the cycling route of the Viarhôna, you can cycle along the valley in complete safety and enjoy many stops at the winegrowers.

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 Champagne bike vineyards
Champagne vineyards

The last vineyard to recommend is the Champagne vineyard, located in the former province of Champagne. It mainly extends in the Grand Est region but the departments of Aisne and Seine-et-Marne are also parts of this vineyard.

When we talk about this region, the first thing we think about is champagne, the famous sparkling wine. But in fact, this is not the only product of the region. Its wine production is as rich as the other four vineyards introduced previously. The Champagne vineyard covers four production areas (la Montagne de Reims, la vallée de la Marne, la Côte des Blancs, la Côte des Bar) cultivated by 16,000 winegrowers. The vineyard is located on a territory crossed by rivers and with multiple hills. Visiting this vineyard by bike is a fantastic way to discover its 302 crus. The biggest champagne cellars are located in Epernay and in Reims.

Since 2015, Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which makes it a unique region. On top of that, the Champagne is a 100% French product. You cannot produce champagne anywhere other than in the region. So you have no choice but to come here!

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Here are the five most beautiful vineyards in France to visit by bike! Come and cycle in these amazing regions and above all learn more about the famous French wine culture!

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